They should not go back to Eli Manning this month.

The Giants made the decision as a franchise last week to look at Geno Smith (which should be a very brief look) and rookie Davis Webb. They’re 2-10. Four games left in a lost season. Starting Manning this week against Dallas would be lovely for the fans, but would it do anything to answer questions about the futureNo. Play Webb for the last lost month. Get something out of it. This isn’t kicking Manning out the door. No one can know if he’s through in the Meadowlands until the new GM and coach come on board. But sentiment wins nothing in football. The only thing these Giants should be doing is playing for opening day 2018. You know everything about Manning, the NFL’s 22nd-rated quarterback in each of the last two years. You know nothing about Webb.

Don’t get seduced by Mr. Perfect. The Giants have done that before. I am all in favor of going hard after Stanford coach David Shaw, but the Rams couldn’t get him interested last year, and he told me last year that if you’re going to go after him, you’re going to have to convince his wife that your city is better than Palo Alto. (Not likely, was his point.) And here’s the Nick Saban truth. Before the Giants hired McAdoo in 2016, an intermediary from the Saban camp reached out to a top Giants official. Said Saban might be interested. There was contact between the two sides, and after a couple of days, the word came back: “His wife says she’s not moving from Alabama.” Saban may come back to the NFL one day, and the Giants would be an interesting place for him, and if they could get him, by all means they should. But I get the sense the Giants at the highest level have been through the Saban dance before and won’t be going through it again.

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