Rams coach Sean McVay looked like ‘deer in headlights’ against Falcons

Sean McVay was the prince of the NFL this season, as the rookie head coach led the Rams to an 11-5 record and the NFC West title.

But the 31-year-old looked like an overmatched deer in the headlights during the Rams’ 26-13 loss to the Falcons in the wild-card playoffs Saturday, according to ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown crew.

I have won it plenty of times. Again, it’s hard to even answer that question. There’s really no basis for it. It’s hard to I don’t know. I just shake my head.

On former backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo allegedly being denied initial treatment at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center…

It is so far from any truth that I know, or any characterization of my relationship with my teammates. I have never denied anybody anything in regards to TB12. I have always found it very flattering when teammates go there. Again, I think this speaks to someone whether it is the writer himself, or whoever he spoke to, what agenda they might have in painting some type of picture. …

I have a great relationship with all my teammates. I certainly did with Jimmy. I loved working with Jimmy. We had a great time together. I wish him nothing but the best, like always. Just like all my teammates, really. I think that is just how I feel about him.

On feeling liberated after Garoppolo was traded to the 49ers midseason…

With the Titans a first down away from victory, it appeared that Derrick Henry was stripped of the football by Marcus Peters. Derrick Johnson then scooped the ball and ran it towards the end zone for a score that would have put the Chiefs up 27-22 with 1:47 left.

Like: His closest friend, Ryan Shazier, should be recognized as “the best middle linebacker in football.” And: The Steelers’ defense should be taken more seriously. “Keep focusing on the offense,” he said. “We’re going to keep holding you to 14 points.” And then this: “I’m just gonna say it. We’re gonna win the Super Bowl.”

His defensive teammates concurred. All anyone noticed was the Steelers’ star-studded offense—Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell.?.?.?. But, they pointed out, the front office had transformed their unit since 2014, when Pittsburgh used the 15th pick on Shazier, now the most beloved player on the team. Everything they did—and everything they would do—revolved around him.patriots_379_19c6c5763f82384d-180x180

Jalen Ramsey has had a Space Jam ‘Monstar’s secret stuff’ bottle in his locker all season

Jalen Ramsey was just answering questions about the Jaguars’ upcoming playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and — wait a minute. What’s that in his locker?

It’s a bottle that says Monstar’s secret stuff! Kind of like in Space Jam!

So at least something nice came out of this miserable season. In the meantime, Browns fans will just have to wait until next year, like they’ve done every year since coming back in 1999. They’ll take any positive news they can get.

“My brain processes [routes] weird, like Diggsy,” Thielen elaborates. “We’re visualizing, thinking: BOOM!”

Aron’s last lesson was the hardest. For five years, starting when Stefon was in grade school, he watched his father suffer from heart problems. With Stephanie at work Stefon became a caretaker, cutting his dad’s hair, measuring out his medication, cooking his oatmeal every morning—until Aron passed away in January 2008, at 39, leaving his son with a sense of patriarchal purpose.

The two linebackers had enjoyed a football bromance all offseason, working out together and laying out their goals. Shazier planned to lead the team in interceptions, and Williams would pace Pittsburgh in sacks—Shazier insisted his friend was capable of replacing Lawrence Timmons, the latest stalwart to depart. They had both seen it before, the team’s organic approach to football operations: Heyward replacing Brett Keisel, Mitchell replacing Troy Polamalu. . . .

The idea of Williams as an essential cog in the league’s most improved defense would have seemed a stretch back in 2013, when Williams received a last-minute invitation to the Senior Bowl—only after Manti Te’o had dropped out. (Just one scout, with the Steelers, deigned to speak with Williams in that game’s lead-up, but his first question—“What’s Bjoern Werner like?”—gave away his intentions.) The Steelers drafted Williams mostly because coach Mike Tomlin had an affinity for Florida State linebackers—and if they cut him, Williams had a backup plan in mind already: He would become a high school principal.

Taylor eventually got up, and Nathan Peterman entered the game for Taylor on a fourth-and-3, down 10-3 with 1:17 to go after a 10-second runoff. Peterman ran for a first down with 1:07 left in the game.patriots_036_28860665926e528d-180x180

Patriots push back against bombshell ESPN report

By late morning Friday, Kraft, Belichick and Brady had released a joint statement, lamenting the need to respond to multiple media reports that have speculated theories that are unsubstantiated, highly exaggerated or flat out inaccurate, adding, The three of us share a common goal. We look forward to the enormous challenge of competing in the postseason and the opportunity to work together in the future.

The fundamental differences between Belichick and his football-first Patriot Way and Brady with his TB12 Method, that includes body coach and business partner Alex Guerrero, led to cracks appearing this season, ones that even all the success apparently couldn’t cover.

But more than likely, Spriggs hear his named called Round 2, which is probably too early for the Bengals to draft any offensive lineman outside of center.Remove or add teams to and from your list of favorites Remove or add reporters to and from your list of favorites.Garciaparra looked perfect, the old-timey player the old-timey uniform.He’s going to be looking for more than that next year.

The pads were there, where I could always look at them, said another past interview.You said it wasn’t open for debate, I say it clearly is.would leave the Pacers that off- for the Toronto Raptors, who needed a floor general and had extra money to spend with the departure of McGrady earlier that offseason.That would be Gallinari.This year’s Senior Bowl is slated for Saturday, .

Washington fans probably recognized the scene Tuesday that was them in 2004, when Joe Gibbs came back, handed the keys by another longtime fan-turned-young-owner, Dan Snyder. The buzz lit up the whole metro area. It didn’t last.

The appeals to the glory days rarely do, right down to the reunions of the great names in team history, hanging around and reminding all of how it used to be and serving only to make the current days look even worse.

It wasn’t my head, it was my eye, Newton told reporters after the game. My helmet had came down low enough over my eye lid and got pressed by a player’s stomach, I believe. I thought maybe somebody stuck a finger in my eye.

New NFL concussion protocol dictates players who show gross motor instability or significant loss of balance must now be evaluated in the locker room rather than on the sideline as long as those reactions don’t appear to be the result of foot or leg issues. Under that definition Newton should have gone to the locker room but Rivera disagrees. patriots_015_3069a66c4478c5bf-180x180

Jaguars fans flooded Heinz Field with DUUUUVAL chants to make the Steelers’ day that much worse

The Jacksonville Jaguars put on one hell of a showing in their 45-42 win against the Steelers to advance to the AFC Championship game.

Steelers fans are known for traveling to opposing stadiums and letting their presence be felt, but that’s what the Jaguars did Sunday. “Duval!” and “Bortles!” chants rang through Heinz Field as the clock ticked down:

It’s been that kind of year for the Falcons. And when they went to Charlotte in Week 9, they were the better team. The Panthers leaned on a series of gadget plays to move the ball (Statue of Liberty play!) and Matt Ryan just overthrew one open deep shot to Julio Jones, then Jones let a second one bounce off his hands.

Modern culture has diluted the concept of hero, particularly in sports, where some guy who happens to sink a couple of late free throws or kick a ball through goalposts acquires the appellation. Still, when it comes to our sporting heroes, the original bias toward size remains.

Over the past decade every one of the MVPs in the NFL and NBA stood at least 6′?1″, with 18 of those 20 standing 6′?3″ or taller. The most popular players in baseball, either by All-Star votes (Bryce Harper and Aaron Judge) or jersey sales (Judge, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Clayton Kershaw and Harper), are at least 6′?3″. We literally look up to them.

For the most part he’s correct about that—and yet “people still sleep on him,” says receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, a teammate of four years before he moved to Oakland. “But Adam likes it like that. He likes being under the radar.”

When Diggs arrived two years ago, Thielen could have been jealous—Another wideout blocking my path—but he latched onto a familiar ferocity. “Diggs has that dog,” Thielen says, “and I love that about him.”

Those flags aren’t hard to catch or anything. But it’s unusual to see a player catch a flag like that, and he did it without even thinking about it.

Jones must have somewhere to be and wants to save the officials time by getting flags off the field as soon as possible.

The Chiefs have had a love-hate relationship with flags this season. Against the Jets last month, Marcus Peters did the opposite of Jones and chucked one into the stands:

In the second Wild Card game on Saturday, Robert Woods caught a penalty flag as well:

Peters’ action is a little bit more understandable since that one was on the Chiefs.

Aho has goals in three straight games, and Staal has points in four straight. …

The game came hours after Carolina publicly introduced Dallas billionaire Tom Dundon as the new majority owner and successor to longtime owner Peter Karmanos Jr. Dundon took over control of the team Thursday after the sale closed.

Ward made 23 saves – including a tumbling gem midway through the third to rob Evgeny Kuznetsov – for Carolina, which was down a handful of regulars for the rematch of their 3-1 victory Thursday night .

With unlimited immigration, higher payroll taxes for social programs like Medicare and social security, and constant inflation of course they are going to lose out.Marchand is also tied with Chicago’s Kane and Edmonton’s Connor McDavid for the top spot the NHL with points.But it sounds as if, when is facing his review, he play the injury card.But ice time is just one indicator of performance.Beyond that, Orr became the latest symbol of the Ravens’ ability to unearth otherwise overlooked undrafted free agents, have them earn roster spots on special teams and then thrust them into key roles.

Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports Unfortunately, this has been the case for Buffalo Bills 鈥?safety before.Burfict finished the game with a team-leading 9 tackles.Caldwell was the offensive coordinator Baltimore before he was hired as Lions head coach 2014 28 – RT did not practice Wednesday after having to leave ‘s game late the third quarter against Pittsburgh.Poyer has the inside track at free safety.But he and partner Patrick Kudla were on the ice for the winning goal against on Saturday as Dubuque came out on the wrong side of a 4 verdict.

“Assuming a Supreme Court decision or action by Congress permits it, we could see the largest simultaneous expansion of regulated gambling in U.S. history with sports betting in 2018,” said Chris Grove, the company’s managing director.

The court is expected by June to decide New Jersey’s case, which seeks to overturn a ban on sports betting by any state that did not meet a 1991 deadline to legalize it. States and private companies in the U.S. and abroad are already moving quickly to position themselves for a favorable ruling.

States listed as likely to introduce a sports betting bill are: Massachusetts; Rhode Island; New York; New Jersey; West Virginia; South Carolina; Georgia; Florida; Illinois; Michigan; Iowa; Minnesota; Louisiana; Mississippi; Oklahoma and California. Indiana and Kentucky already have introduced bills.

Bauer was the easy choice to pitch on short rest, had ‘s rainout not shuffled the series schedule.He hadn’t had a touchdown seven previous .It seems to be human nature for us to be drawn to the new, shiny object, as we discard what we consider to be old news.Expectations for this team were unrealistic to begin with.

I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and it’s great to how, little by little, the industry has opened up to Latino writers and producers; we’re now on camera as doctors and police officers, notes Gomez, a talented vocalist who played the part of The Heights on Broadway.The Dolphins appear to be 8 team.arrived on the injury report Saturday with a back issue, which was only a momentary worry for the Packers ‘ backfield depth.He was also a medical advisor to the Jordanian Armed Forces helping train some of the first tactical medics the Jordanian Armed Forces.bears_003-223x223

Keeping track of draft trends and storylines throughout the season can be a perplexing task from the outside looking in.

Prospects’ movement up and down mock drafts and rankings isn’t always commensurate with what you’re seeing on the court. Things fluctuate heavily until the picture starts to crystallize after the season. It’s very natural to wonder why. So, welcome to the Front Office’s inaugural draft mailbag, where we’ll semi-regularly take all your burning questions and try to offer some informal insight into the why and how of this process as the season rolls along.

Toews wins face-off versus Monahan Stars zone.jhorton83 says: Dec 21 5 PM ‘s not coming back.For now, he’s just following the trainer’s orders and trying to get better, not worse.Harper’s futility fueled speculation that he was playing through injury, but he maintained publicly that there was nothing physically wrong with him.

During the overtimes, he was standing up and walking around with no problems.When 7 Daugherty came out of North as the No.None, however, scored more than Keiton .The following are trademarks or service marks of League Baseball entities and be used only with permission of League Baseball Properties, Inc.Is it too soon to say goodbye?When , the announcer, referred to the final guest, the fans roared because they realized he was about to introduce .

Of course, it’s not that simple. Pure objectivity is a myth; no journalist is devoid of emotion about the subject at hand, whether it’s a game or a feature story. In fact, that connection often makes the writing better. And anyway, Adande says, “I think fans have always had a hard time believing that we could just turn off our emotions.” (Wilbon says, “Objectivity is something you strive for, but never reach.”)

That’s fair. But for a very long time, the best journalists kept their preferences to themselves, while endeavoring to write balanced journalism. Example: I covered Super Bowl XLII between the Patriots and the Giants for Sports Illustrated. My preference would have been to write the story of the first 19–0 team in NFL history, but instead the Giants upset the Patriots. Sportswriters have performed variations of this dance millions of times over the last century or so, suppressing personal preferences and letting the story tell itself.

McConkey testified that he engineered opportunity for A & A to buy and information was exchanged, but A & A never made a serious offer to purchase the company.Manu laughed: It probably was going to be anyway.It has also allowed coach Tyronn the flexibility to move Iman Shumpert into the starting lineup.At that time, we didn’t have much of the on TV, but we knew he was unbelievable.bears_146-223x223

They should not go back to Eli Manning this month.

The Giants made the decision as a franchise last week to look at Geno Smith (which should be a very brief look) and rookie Davis Webb. They’re 2-10. Four games left in a lost season. Starting Manning this week against Dallas would be lovely for the fans, but would it do anything to answer questions about the futureNo. Play Webb for the last lost month. Get something out of it. This isn’t kicking Manning out the door. No one can know if he’s through in the Meadowlands until the new GM and coach come on board. But sentiment wins nothing in football. The only thing these Giants should be doing is playing for opening day 2018. You know everything about Manning, the NFL’s 22nd-rated quarterback in each of the last two years. You know nothing about Webb.

Don’t get seduced by Mr. Perfect. The Giants have done that before. I am all in favor of going hard after Stanford coach David Shaw, but the Rams couldn’t get him interested last year, and he told me last year that if you’re going to go after him, you’re going to have to convince his wife that your city is better than Palo Alto. (Not likely, was his point.) And here’s the Nick Saban truth. Before the Giants hired McAdoo in 2016, an intermediary from the Saban camp reached out to a top Giants official. Said Saban might be interested. There was contact between the two sides, and after a couple of days, the word came back: “His wife says she’s not moving from Alabama.” Saban may come back to the NFL one day, and the Giants would be an interesting place for him, and if they could get him, by all means they should. But I get the sense the Giants at the highest level have been through the Saban dance before and won’t be going through it again.

Like , the erudite Gorsuch could easily show up his accusers as fools.I’ve got great confidence , Jackson and everything work out just fine.caught only 47 balls 14 games, and was plagued by mental mistakes.

The Chicago White Sox defeated the Minnesota Twins 13.KOCE and KPBS NCIS: New Orleans After thousands of classified and highly sensitive government files are stolen, the team tries to make contact with a group of hackers that was co-founded by Bertrand , Pride’s old contact.the third round, Buffalo selected wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, a standout Track and Field and a 2011 Olympian.I mean, he’d feel that way anyway.

Hodkiewicz of the noted head coach McCarthy was hoping the reserve could take another step forward.Plays with a high motor.He is well respected among teammates, fans and other players the league.But Rambis hasn’t shown anything that would make you think he is the to turn around the core of the Knicks’ issues: their defense.

Just remember that Zajac hasn’t hit the 20-goal or 50-point plateau since the 2009 campaign.Took normal two weeks off and then started things back the gym, Porcello said.states where we have a business presence and or we have determined sales taxes are applicable.He’s yet to appear NFL game.They arrested and impounded the gun and car.chargers_130

After losing their first four, the Chargers have rattled off seven wins in nine games.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, started 5-0 but have lost six of their last eight.

Considering Los Angeles’ ability to control the game offensively and defensively, they have good odds at earning a victory this week.

After missing nearly two months with a broken collarbone, Rodgers is back this week to try and help the Packers sneak into the playoffs. Will he have his usual MVP-caliber sharpness? That’s a different question.

The Packers have won three of their last five without Rodgers, but they lost a lot of ground while their star QB recovered. He now returns to face a Panthers team that’s won five of its last six.

Carolina has run for 200-plus yards in three of its last five games, having only done so three times in its previous 71 regular-season games. While the Packers may have adrenaline on their side with Rodgers back, they face an uphill battle earning the win this weekend.

Cam Atkinson be replacing Evgeni Malkin the All Game.The Raiders have seemingly moved on with a younger version of the Pro Bowler.struggle taught me that nothing good ever comes easy.But that’s part of signing your name on the dotted line to play professional sports.Consider the effect of the defense last year with and without McClain early the year.Montgomery County officials took a lot of heat after a 2010 story the , a D.C.

The Cool Base technology built into the jersey wicks away moisture and gives you a breathable and lightweight feel so you can stay comfy.He’s also a father of three and probably more mature than most kids coming out of college and into the NFL.Kolton Browning Browning had a stellar day his first game back from injury, throwing for 224 yards and four touchdowns on 21-of-30 passing as the Warhawks earned a 38 victory over Georgia State.JL: You were fourth as far as corners, you were way up there as well.

The tag by Dustin Pedroia was late and was called safe.I also wonder if Motley and ‘s Legacy’s would be more prominent if they played for the New York Giants as opposed to the Browns.Quick started on Thursday, but Bishop get the Canucks tonight his first start vs.The move saves Philly $1 million against the cap, although offset language ‘s contract could increase those savings.

Erik Johnson’s stumble in overtime nearly led to the winning goal for Winnipeg, but his goaltender bailed him out.

Given another opportunity, Johnson didn’t stumble again.

The Avalanche defenseman scored on a breakaway with 9.9 seconds remaining on the clock in OT, Jonathan Bernier stopped 22 shots after taking over for an injured Semyon Varlamov in the second period and Colorado beat the Winnipeg Jets 3-2 on Tuesday night.

Mikko Rantanen and Nathan MacKinnon also scored to help the Avalanche win their third straight.

Johnson scored the winner when Rantanen poked the puck ahead to him and he put it past Connor Hellebuyck, one of the stingiest goaltenders in the NHL of late.

Hellebuyck and the Jets dropped to 0-6 in overtime this season — 1-7 factoring in shootouts.

“Sick of these overtime losses,” Hellebuyck said. “I thought we deserved more.”

After being outshot 12-9 in the first period, the Bruins held the Islanders to just 14 shots through the final 40 minutes and beat them for the second time in two meetings this season.

“We just tried to stick to our game plan and our systems,” Boston’s Sean Kuraly said. “Be quick through the neutral zone and hold onto pucks down low, and be a good puck possession team. I think for most of the game we did that.”

He also dealt forward Viktor Stalberg to Ottawa for a third rounder.Regehr played with, among other things, infected elbow the Kings’ series against Chicago last year.KCBS Kimmel Live Will Arnett; Gabrielle Union; Charli XCX; Dweezil Zappa performs.Ellington was not with the Lakers on Tuesday night for their game Memphis.While investigating a string of killings, the trail of evidence leads to the married with whom she’s having affair.The need for Turner wouldn’t have existed with signed long-term.With Texas’ recent special team’s issues, I’m sure fans are wishing had another year or two of college eligibility.I watching them, he said.Doesn’t work.astros_042

LeSean McCoy injury update: Bills RB day-to-day with ankle sprain

LeSean McCoy’s status for the postseason remains uncertain.

The Bills running back is “day-to-day” with a right ankle sprain suffered in Sunday’s win over the Dolphins, coach Sean McDermott announced Wednesday.

McCoy was carted off the field in the third quarter of the Bills’ victory after getting wrapped up by Dolphins linebacker Chase Allen on a 3-yard run up the middle. McCoy immediately ripped off his helmet and was pounding the turf at Hard Rock Stadium as trainers ran out to examine him, though X-rays later were negative.

Could Sean Payton leave the Saints? The Bears might be an enticing option if he wants a fresh start. He’s familiar with Bears GM Ryan Pace from their time together in New Orleans. He was a big fan of Mitchell Trubisky in last year’s draft. And if the Bears cut Mike Glennon, they have the cap space to potentially bring Drew Brees to Chicago. A move is unlikely with Payton in the playoffs, but sources have said all season that Payton will at least explore other opportunities.

As I reported in November, the Texans’ coaching staff and front office have not agreed over the last two offseasons. From Brock Osweiler to DeShaun Watson to Duane Brown, it seems the relationship is beyond repair. If the Texans choose to move on from GM Rick Smith, look for them to target Scott Pioli or Brian Gaine as GM.

In 2016, Darnold delivered an impressive 31 touchdowns with only nine interceptions and led USC to a thrilling Rose Bowl win against Penn State. He finished 2017 with 26 touchdowns and 13 interceptions as a redshirt sophomore but struggled in a loss to Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl Classic. Although he threw for 356 yards on 26-of-45 passing, he had three turnovers on an interception and two fumbles.

The Raiders once traded away Jon Gruden, only to see him win the Super Bowl against them the next season. As the team reportedly tries to lure Gruden back to NFL head coaching with an offer it hopes he can’t refuse, it should be excited about returning to AFC championship level soon.

Jack Del Rio did an admirable job in his three seasons as Oakland’s coach, leading the team to a 25-23 record and the its first playoff berth since 2002. But the opportunity to rehire Gruden, who led the franchise to a 34-26 record from 1998 to 2001, is too good to pass up.lions_047