The poll also indicated a small but significant shift in public opinion on the mandatory nature of the anthem.

“I saw a big guy who was athletic, but a guy who didn’t play very hard. And I was concerned about that,” said Stiegelmeier, who wasn’t ready to make a full commitment to Goedert. “We asked him to walk on, and he took the bait. The way he’s grown since then is just amazing. He has made himself, coming from that community, into what he is today.”

After two years in the program, Stiegelmeier put Goedert on a 40-percent scholarship. A year after that, he went to 70 percent, then finally, a full ride. On the heels of that came his 2016 breakout season: 92 catches, 1,293 yards and 11 touchdowns, including a ridiculous one-handed TD catch against Drake that made an ESPN SportsCenter Top 10 list. Referred to around the program simply as “The Drake Catch,” the highlight is now part of the pre-game hype reel on the SDSU video board, ending with Goedert pointing a football — with one hand, of course — into the camera.

Also worth noting: despite the talk of apocalyptic boycotts and ratings doom, the poll found NFL viewership remains both steady and nationwide. The poll indicated that 69 percent of adults watch or follow the sport at least a little; interestingly, that’s up from 56 percent in 2009, when Michael Vick was returning to the NFL after a prison stint for dogfighting.

The HBO/Marist poll surveyed 1,093 Americans, a standard, statistically valid survey size, from Oct. 15 to Oct. 17. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points. For more details, the full survey is available online.

Granted, this is one poll, and other polling organizations which use different questions will return different results. But it’s a data point that helps illustrate that public opinion of the protests during the national anthem aren’t nearly as universal as either its supporters or its critics claim.tigers_057-115x115

Our national nightmare is over: JuJu Smith-Schuster’s lost bicycle has been found and returned.

Yesterday, the Steelers rookie revealed on Twitter that his beloved bicycle had been stolen. You need to understand: this wasn’t just any bike. It was literally a way of life. The dynamic receiver doesn’t have a car or a driver’s license (growing up in Long Beach, he never needed either), so JuJu’s only means of transportation is that bicycle. Could he take a Lyft instead? No! The point is JuJu loved that bike, man. That bike meant everything!

Last night, JuJu’s bicycle was turned in to local police after the man who apparently bought the stolen bike saw that it was the subject of a national search-and-rescue effort. Personally, I’m a little suspicious of that story. Who’s to say this Good Samaritan “buyer” wasn’t the original Pittsburgh stealer?

After a blistering start to his career, Bryant’s production has nosedived. He scored eight touchdowns as a rookie in 2014 and six in 2015, but he missed all of last year with a suspension. He was reinstated before this season, but he’s failed to make an impact, catching 18 passes for 234 yards and a touchdown through seven games.

The trade deadline is Oct. 31, so if the Steelers decided they want to move on from Bryant they’ll need to work quickly. Bryant is still young (25) and his potential is undeniable, but given his suspension history and the events of the past couple weeks, the Steelers might not be able to get much in return. Keeping him probably makes the most sense for the Steelers, but there are a number of receiver-needy teams out there that could make a move.

Skimbo even sported a “New GOAT” T-shirt after he won. Which is a pretty boss move, to know you have that shirt on while playing. Imagine Tom Brady playing in his already printed championship T-shirt. Actually, I can imagine that.